Shiva Frentzen
El Dorado County Supervisor District II

September 2014 - January 2021


Endorsed by CAL FIRE and Pioneer Firefighters
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Shiva Frentzen Endorsements

Endorsements from 2014 Election

"Since you have taken office, our membership has seen real commitment from you towards the fire service in El Dorado County. You have worked very hard to get to know the citizens in the communities we serve and hear their concerns. We think you have what it takes to make real change in El Dorado County especially as it relates to increased fire protection and funding. It has been a pleasure working with you and we support you 100% in your efforts to seek reelection as the district 2 Supervisor for El Dorado County."
Jack H. Daniels - President, Pioneer Professional Firefighters Local #4586

"we are most pleased to endorse your 2016 campaign for El Dorado County Supervisor District 2. Your dedication to the Cameron Park Fire Department is without waver."
CAL FIRE Firefighters - Local 2881

"Dear Supervisor Shiva Frentzen, The El Dorado County Probation Officers Association (EDCPOA) is pleased to endorse you for District 2 Supervisor. The EDCPOA believes you have shown through your service to our community that you are great asset and competent leader in the county. Over the past term, you have presented as a skilled problem solver and prudent decision maker. Further, it is clear you have an understanding of the challenges and changes the County of El Dorado faces in protecting the current and future needs of the community. The EDCPOA believes you hold a strong knowledge of the evolving changes in the realm of public safety and the changing role of Probation Officers in it. Your experience, leadership, professionalism and vision will continue to benefit the community for years to come if re-elected. The EDPOA is honored to support you during this election. "
Gary S. Romanko, EDCPOA President

"Shiva is also firm in her belief that El Dorado County must live within its means and she's continually pushed for better budget planning and accurate projections so our county supervisors have a complete picture before they make weighty financial decisions. In these days of skyrocketing personnel costs, unfunded mandates and crumbling infrastructure, solid budget planning couldn't be more important. We support Shiva's efforts thus far and want to see her continue this hard work over the next four years. She has earned our endorsement for District 2 supervisor." Continue Reading...
Mountain Democrat picks Shiva Frentzen for District 2

"Frentzen fought her way into office in a 2014 special election to replace former Supervisor Ray Nutting. She ran on a message of slow-growth and, to her credit, has largely kept her word, voting against projects that would add nothing but more subdivisions. If re-elected, the fiscally minded Cameron Park resident vows to do more of the same and diversify the county’s economy by attracting commerce." Continue Reading...
Sacramento Bee picks Shiva Frentzen for District 2

"Please support Shiva Frentzen. She is a smart independent supervisor and the mainstay of clear thinking on our Board of Supervisors. You can count on her to be frugal with your tax dollars."
A.L.Hamilton, President Tax Payers Association of El Dorado County

"I wholeheartedly support the re-election efforts for District 2 Supervisor Shiva Frentzen. As Superintendent/Principal in a small, rural school district, I have firsthand knowledge that Shiva is doing a remarkable job of reaching out to assess needs and respond with resources and support across the various communities she represents. Shiva attended our middle school Jazz Festival, volunteered to help with our Festival of Oral Interpretation, brought a Board of Supervisors meeting to our local community center, hosted several town hall meetings to hear from community members and has responded to inquiries and requests. Over the course of my many years of working with government entities, I have never met a more responsive official as Shiva Frentzen."
Lisa Fontana, Ph.D., Superintendent/Principal Pioneer Union School District Somerset

"I served on the Cameron Park CSD Board of Directors with Shiva Frentzen. She has continuously demonstrated the highest level of integrity and commitment to the people of Cameron Park. Shiva understands the definition of "elected official" and is dedicated to the people she represents and not herself. Shiva Frentzen also understands the importance of accountability and responsibility required as a representative of the community she serves. I highly support her and hope you will join me in voting for Shiva Frentzen for the El Dorado County Supervisors District 2."
Richard K. Green, Retired CALFIRE Chief and Former Cameron Park CSD Board Member

"I enthusiastically endorse Shiva Frentzen as District 2s Supervisor. Shiva has an excellent understanding of the needs of each of the varied areas of this diverse District. She has been a proven advocate for not only District 2 but all of the residence of El Dorado County. I am especially pleased with her efforts to attract and keep good paying jobs for our County."
Gary Miller, Colonel USA Retired and Planning Commissioner

"Since Shiva was first elected, I’ve been very impressed. Of all the supervisors I have watched over the years, she’s the only one who has consistently taken actions for the good of the El Dorado County. She is not influenced by special interests whose goal is profit. Everyone I have talked to and every letter to the editor or article in the Mountain Democrat attests that she is exceptional. "
Tim Holcomb, El Dorado County Assessor Retired

"As a long-time resident of El Dorado County, Shiva has proven herself to be a true business and civic leader with great integrity and a strong work ethic. During her two terms as a Director for the Cameron Park CSD Shiva fought tirelessly for safe parks, senior programs, and public safety. Now, as an El Dorado County Supervisor, she is leading the charge for orderly growth to protect our quality of life and preserve the rural character of El Dorado County. Shiva recognizes the importance of accountability and efficiency in government administration. Her background as a small business owner and her experience on numerous boards, commissions, and organizations in both business and government settings uniquely qualify her to get the job done. With our State facing economic uncertainty in the future, now is not the time for a change in proven leadership for District 2. I hope you will join me in reelecting Shiva to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors."
Matt Silva, Retired Cameron Park Fire Chief

"The Shingle Springs Community Alliance Core Committee endorses Shiva Frentzen in her re-election bid for District 2 County Supervisor. Shiva's values align with ours and her voting record reflects that. Shiva consistently questions the status quo at Board meetings and votes with the interests of the community in mind. Supervisor Frentzen's campaign slogan is "Plan Within our Limits," which is consistent with her 2014 Campaign themes of "No San Stino" and "No Marble Valley." Please join us in voting for Shiva Frentzen for District 2 Supervisor."
Shingle Springs Community Alliance Core Committee

"Shiva is a successful business owner and community leader. She has successfully transferred this experience bringing fiscal conservatism, knowledge of Best Business Practices and attention to detail as a Director of the Cameron Park Community Services District Board. This experience will equip her to be equally successful as El Dorado County Board Supervisor for District 2."
Vicky Neibauer, Former Cameron Park CSD Board Member

"Shiva has time proven leadership skills and detailed knowledge of the County governance model. Her multiple terms as an elected Board member of the Cameron Park Community Services District (CPCSD) has tested her in balancing budgets, and in making critical strategic decisions. As a small business owner, she understands how difficult it is to bring new sustainable high paying jobs to El Dorado County. Her service on the El Dorado County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) has provided her an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn.t work at the County level. Shiva is a dedicated public servant who backs the community's best interests, and not special interest groups. As the District II Supervisor, she will restore honor and respect to the position."
John Hidahl, EDCo District I Parks and Recreation Commissioner

"Shiva is a leader in our community. She is independent, hard-working, and as honest as you can get."
David Houghten, Past President of the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce

"Shiva Frentzen is an inspiring presence in El Dorado County. As an advocate for a strong sense of community, she has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for those who live here. Her reputation for honesty and integrity precede her."
Dr. Fern Alexander, Past President of Snowline Hospice

"Having read the goal statements and considered the backgrounds of the candidates for El Dorado County Supervisor for District 2, I support Shiva Frentzen for that position for these reasons: > Integrity; rather than political shrewdness > Fiscal Soundness; Directing resources to most important identified needs > Orderly Development; Protection of quality of life as we grow. > Service Orientation; displaying a genuine desire to serve the needs of all residents rather than smaller, special groups. "
Dave Sargent, Retired Ponderosa High School Principal

"We wholeheartedly endorse Shiva for re-election. Shiva has done an excellent job in serving our County and representing District 2. She has also been very proactive in meeting with her constituents and listening to their concerns. We have been extremely happy with how Shiva has taken a great interest in our community of Grizzly Flats, participated in our events, represented us fairly and provided support to us."
Mark Almer & Susan Kim-Almer

"I've known Shiva as a friend and colleague for going on twenty years now. I've always been impressed with her character, intelligence, and strength. When we worked together years ago as software engineers, she was never afraid to tackle even the most complex of problems whether they were technical or human in nature. That profession has its share of large egos, but Shiva's leadership ability incorporates the right amount of knowledge, sensitivity and decisiveness to allow her to rise above the pettiness, and to encourage people to work together as a team. Earlier this year, Shiva reached out to me and many others to enlist our help in an important issue for this county. With her help and guidance, we collected enough signatures to place a measure on the November ballot that would help prevent reckless developments in El Dorado County such as the San Stino and Marble Valley projects. Not only has Shiva lived and worked in this county, she has started her own business here and, like many of us, she raised her children here. She understands the challenges that businesses, government and especially residents face in El Dorado County. I know she has the unique combination of character, knowledge and best interests we need in making the important decisions for this county. "
Joe Williams, Resident of Cameron Park for 25 years

"There are very few people who can measure up to the standards that I see in Shiva. Born into diversity, taking all positive aspects in life, and making something of herself. She is the type of person and personality that books and movies are made of. Her whole life is an inspiration. If I were to describe her, these words come to me; inspiring, dedicated, wholesome, family oriented, over achiever, and not afraid to tackle sticky issues. Always Willing to step to the plate. As a long time business acquaintance, I whole heartedly endorse Shiva Frentzen. "
Mark Scott, President Carbon Copy, inc.

"I have known Shiva Frentzen for years and have worked with her on Cameron Park CSD issues on many occasions, over the years. She has always been honest, diligent, followed through and most importantly, cared about our community as a whole. I wholeheartedly support her work on behalf of our Firefighters and our County."
James F. Riordan, Cameron Park

The Choice of Elected Officials, Board Members & Organizations

CAL FIRE Firefighters local #2881
Pioneer Professional Firefighters Local #4586
El Dorado County Probation Officers Association
Mountain Democrat
Sacramento Bee
A.L. Hamilton - President of the El Dorado County Tax Payers Association
Sam Bradley - Former El Dorado County Supervisor
Lisa Fontana, Ph.D. - Superintendent/Principal Pioneer Union School District Somerset
Rich Green - Retired CALFIRE Chief and Former Cameron Park CSD Board Member
Vicky Neibauer - Former Cameron Park CSD Board Member
Matt Silva - Retired Cameron Park Fire Chief
Gary Miller - Colonel USA Retired and Planning Commissioner
John Hidahl - El Dorado Hills Fire Board
Suzanna George - Trustee Rescue Union School District
Tim Holcomb - El Dorado County Assessor, Retired
Dr. Fern Alexander - Past President of Snowline Hospice
Bill Ettlich - Past President of the Cameron Park Rotary Club
Mike Collom - President of the Cameron Park Rotary Community Foundation
Coy Baugh - Past President of the El Dorado Hills Rotary Club
Fred Ott - Past President of the Shingle Springs/Cameron Park Chamber of Commerce
David Houghten - Past President of the El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce
Thomas McMahon - Retired Undersheriff - Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept.
Dave Sargent - Retired Ponderosa High School Principal
Robert S. Leon - El Dorado Hills Rotary Club, (USMC-VietVet)
Shingle Springs Community Alliance Core Committee

The Choice of People and Business Community
Karen Agee
John Agee
Mark Almer
Susan Kim-Almer
Betsy Balala
Charles Beck
Christina Beck
Jeanette Bessent
Carl Bessent
Glenda Bidigare
Donna Biles
Robert Bilotta
LeAna Bilotta
Cindy Book
Sandi Bush
Margaret Davis
Diane Dealey Neill
Marie Dietrich
Pat Dwyer
Linda Dwyer
Azar Elli
Hossein Elli
Ron Elli
Jeff England
Bruce Eppler
Doyle Folmer
Petrice Foxworthy, DC
Paul Freeman
Joseph Frentzen
Jeff Frentzen
Alin Frentzen
Angela Frentzen
Scott Frentzen
Rene Frentzen
Sharon Gallagher
David Glas
Robert Godwin
Eileen Godwin
Karen Guthrie
Julie Hann
Frankie Haddick
Gudrun Haddick
John Haverty
Ken Heichman
Sheri Hiebert
Thomas Hochradel
Sherry Hochradel
Angela Honoroff
Joe Honoroff
Joe Jeffrey
Debbie Jeffrey
Gary Jenkins
Hope Leja
Robert Leon
Richard Mackendrick
Ed Mattson
John Maconnell
David Martinenko
Wendy Martinenko
Kelly McKay
Shelley Mills
Don Nicodemus
Steve Palmer
Mahesh Pendyala
Danyelle Peterson
Judy Mosbacher Pickett
Todd Pickett
Winston Potts
Theresa Potts
Mark Quadro
Tim Quadro
Bruce Raley
Lewis Ridgeway
James Riordan
Lydia Romero
Azar Sadrian
Pamela Sadrian
Tony Sadrian
Mark Scott
Angelica Silveira
Kellie Sinner
Susan Statti
Mike Stockam
Lily Stockam
Annemiek Storm
Ester Swisher
Anneliese Tabes
Bob Thomas
Des Thomas
O.J. Vallejo
Frank Verdin
Caroline Wadlin, MD
Felicity Wood
LaDawn Wilde
William Wilde
Joe Williams
Robin Williams
Scott Yarnell
Ben Young














Committee Name: Friends of Shiva Frentzen for Supervisor 2016 . Committee ID# 1367682 . Contact: (530) 676-1980 . Email
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