Shiva Frentzen
El Dorado County Supervisor District II

September 2014 - January 2021


Endorsed by CAL FIRE and Pioneer Firefighters
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I feel blessed and lucky to have served on the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors for the past six years. As of January 2021, I am officially off the Board due to term limits in El Dorado County. Thanks to everyone for their support to get me elected and while I was in the office especially the El Dorado County employees, our friends and my family.

Frentzen wins a second term (Mountain Democrat 6/10/2016)
Shiva Frentzen for El Dorado County Supervisor District II

Since taking office in September 2014, I have a proven track record and have used my experience in the private sector to bring efficiency, effectiveness and accountability to our local government. I'm running for re-election for El Dorado County Supervisor in District II because I want to continue to make a difference for our current residents and future generations. This County is important to me. It is where my husband and I have raised our children, where I have operated a business, and where we are likely to spend the rest of our lives.

We need proper planning to maintain the quality of life and rural character of our County for future generations. Our County needs to grow within our available resources and give priority to economic development to bring high-paying jobs to our communities yet preserve our agricultural heritage.

El Dorado County needs to continue to be a place where we can raise our families in a safe environment with options for senior citizens and young people. This means public safety, fire safety, good schools, safe parks, senior centers, and organizations that support families.

I would appreciate your support and vote.

Thank you,  Shiva Frentzen

District 2 incumbent: Frentzen focuses on budget, community needs Mountain Democrat 4/27/2016

Frentzen ready for re-election Mountain Democrat 1/8/2016

Ballot Statement for June 7, 2016 election:

In representing you for the last 16 months, my guiding principle has been to - Plan Within Our Limits.

PROTECTING YOUR TAX DOLLARS: I am insisting on larger budget reserves to end deficit spending. I voted against the 14% raise for County government elected officials. I am proud to be supported by leaders of El Dorado taxpayer groups.

PROTECTING YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE: I support the voter-enacted 2004 General Plan that prohibits approving new housing subdivisions that over-extend our limited water supplies and/or create gridlock traffic levels. I am proud to be supported by neighborhood groups fighting to protect their rural lifestyle.

PROTECTING JOBS: I support County government actions that promote economic expansion by reducing business and building fees. I support expanding tourism, recreation and agricultural land uses and bringing high-speed Internet infrastructure to rural parts of El Dorado County.

I have and will continue to advocate for seniors and youth. Local Cal-Fire firefighters in Cameron Park and Pioneer have endorsed my re-election.

My decisions have always been and will continue to be made in the best interest of my constituents and not for special interest groups.

We must Plan Within Our Limits.

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Ballot Statement filed on 7/17/14:

Land use planning in El Dorado County is out of control.

HOUSING: Developers are pushing Supervisors to approve a new General Plan with 33,000 more homes which will increase housing (and traffic) by 60%. I'm leading a countywide ballot measure to stop these plans including 4,000 homes in Marble Valley adjoining Cameron Park and San Stino (1,000 homes) in Shingle Springs.

WATER: We don't have enough water for this much housing. 91% of EID's water supplies are already allocated to current customers. It is incredibly irresponsible to propose 33,000 more homes when EID only has enough water for 3,600.

MONEY: The cost for new roads and water infrastructure is $1.3 billion. Current residents will pay the price when politicians' plans go wrong.

I'm a fiscally conservative businesswoman elected to the Cameron Park Community Services District, and past President of the El Dorado County and Shingle Springs/Cameron Park Chambers of Commerce. Local Cal-Fire firefighters in Cameron Park and Pioneer have endorsed me.

I know the issues and will vote to protect current residents' water, roads, and wallets. We must build our economy around jobs, tourism, agriculture and local businesses instead of large housing developments.

We must start planning within our limits - NOW - before it's too late.


Election Night Celebration on Tuesday June 7th at 7:30PM at Los Pinos Restaurant in Cameron Park

Mountain Democrat picks Shiva Frentzen for District 2
"Shiva is also firm in her belief that El Dorado County must live within its means and she's continually pushed for better budget planning and accurate projections so our county supervisors have a complete picture before they make weighty financial decisions. In these days of skyrocketing personnel costs, unfunded mandates and crumbling infrastructure, solid budget planning couldn't be more important."

"Please support Shiva Frentzen. She is a smart independent supervisor and the mainstay of clear thinking on our Board of Supervisors. You can count on her to be frugal with your tax dollars."
A.L.Hamilton, President Tax Payers Association of El Dorado County

"I enthusiastically endorse Shiva Frentzen as District 2s Supervisor. Shiva has an excellent understanding of the needs of each of the varied areas of this diverse District. She has been a proven advocate for not only District 2 but all of the residence of El Dorado County. I am especially pleased with her efforts to attract and keep good paying jobs for our County. "
Gary Miller, Colonel USA Retired and Planning Commissioner

Fundraising Event on Monday May 9, 2016 5-8PM at Snooty Frog Restaurant in Cameron Park

Meet & Greet Shiva Frentzen on Sunday April 3rd at 3-5PM at 3216 Boeing Road in Cameron Park

Meet & Greet Shiva Frentzen on Sunday March 6th at 3-5PM at 3041 Lariat Drive in Cameron Park

Fundraising Event on Thursday June 4th at 5:30PM at Cameron Park Country Club

Election Night Celebration on Tuesday September 9th at 7:30PM at Zack Jack Bistro 3275 Coach Ln in Cameron Park

Meet & Greet Shiva Frentzen on Wednesday September 3rd at 7AM Cafe Santoro 2531 Merrychase Dr. in Cameron Park

Meet & Greet Shiva Frentzen on Tuesday September 2nd at 5:30PM Pleasant Valley Grange 4765 Pleasant Valley Rd in Placerville

Shiva Frentzen for Supervisor District 2 interview with Old Guy Tech TV on 1/1/14

Campaign Kick-off event on July 24 at Cameron Park Country Club

6/18/2014- Shiva Frentzen Announces her Candidacy for District II Supervisor

Committee Name: Friends of Shiva Frentzen for Supervisor 2016 . Committee ID# 1367682 . Contact: (530) 676-1980 . Email
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